A place to unwind.


Tiffany and Lauren enjoy the concept of bringing women together away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives and focusing on self. Which is something that they found out is harder than it sounds. As women, we get so wrapped up in taking care of everything and everyone else that we often don’t set time aside to do anything for ourselves.

“I think that’s why these retreats have become so popular over time, its that one day-or one week out of the year where I can just focus on ME, and that’s an incredible feeling! That’s what Lauren and I are out to create-a one-day get-away for women to re-fill their cups.”


Rest and Rejuvenate has everything you need in this one day retreat to help nurture your mind, body, and soul. Lauren and Tiffany have been planning for almost a year to provide you with the best affordable self-care experience.

“The goal was to create a nice intimate space for women to just come and be themselves. This day is for you, its your space. My hope is that you each will leave relaxed, centered, and rejuvenated!”